My name is Caroline Hammond and I am proud to say; “I’m a Beekeeper!”

I not only have found a passion for bees and beekeeping, but for the very meaning that beekeeping gives to my everyday life.

I have spent many years glued to an office desk albeit in a very fun, friendly and social environment, but it was ruining me. My body was becoming a “stagnant pond” and I had to make a change. An opportunity arose for me to work with a beekeeper full time and I immediately started feeling the difference in myself and I hope to never look back.

During these past years I have learnt extensively about the best practice management of bees and their hives throughout the seasons and the options that are available to all new and older beekeepers. 

I really enjoy spending time with like minded people who share the same passion and eagerness to learn about beekeeping. Often much of this learning takes place in our backyard, but it is not just about bees, it’s about spending time considering the wellbeing of our immediate surroundings. This chapter in my life may very well be my legacy!

Beekeeping reminds us to do, slow down, take a look around us and take  notice what it is you see. Really experience your environment and by doing this, hopefully this leads to a greater appreciation and/or improvement. 

I am also interested in using my knowledge and passion for change. We all have the opportunity to be pollinators; of ideas, of processes, and of change. Let’s talk more and encourage new guidelines in how our public lands are managed and how they can evolve with our environmental needs. 

Now, not everyone can be a beekeeper and that is completely ok! There are still ways that you can help and I’m here to guide you to an opportunity to be part of the amazing beek (beekeeping) world…. Wear a suitable bee hat?… So put the kettle on and let’s chat….