My name is Caroline Hammond and I am proud to say; “I’m a Beekeeper!”

Not only have I found a passion for bees and beekeeping, but for the very meaning that beekeeping gives to my everyday life.

A colony of bees teaches us that we aren’t in this life alone, we have (if we want to!) an entire community around us that want to support and encourage us.  Beekeeping reminds us to slow down, take a look around us and take notice of what it is you see. Really experience your environment, the seasons, nature, and by doing this, hopefully it will lead you to a greater appreciation or your surrounds and a desire to make improvements where possible.

Maybe this is the reason I became a beekeeper. 

Moving to West Gippsland, Victoria from Brisbane about 9 years ago, I sought to find a healthier lifestyle where I could be a valued part of my community. 

After being here a few years, I found the most idyllic place in the hills to call home and started to implement the self-sufficient lifestyle model/principles which I had yearned for since leaving the family sugar cane farm in Queensland as a teenager. 

I always knew I had a connection with nature and animals, but I got a little caught up in the ‘corporate’ world there for awhile. 

After settling in at home, getting chooks for eggs and great compost…as well as a goat to mow the lawn, out of the blue I decided that I would now get bees, you know for pollination…and honey…and wax products…and mead! I knew I wanted to embrace a completely wholistic approach to Beekeeping. My idea was that I would be a classic beekeeper who used every element of the hive…in a no wastage principle.

Well…after only a short period, I found myself working intensively with my mentor in his bee business and was soon out mentoring beekeeping clients and managing hives myself, as well as running the day to day aspects of the business. I made so many wonderful connections with people from all over Victoria from beginners to commercial beekeepers – an amazing community of people in itself. But more locally, I thought I’d really found my passion, being outside with nature… most of my life has been spent chained to a desk/computer/telephone and my health was starting to really show the signs of the imbalance this created. 

A bitter sweet situation occurred where the above mentioned business no longer continued to operate, but I found support from people around me, a driving force to never go back to a ‘desk job’ again and so decided to started to build my own small business.

Come Fly With Me Beekeeping is my little bee business which was born to celebrate the connections we have with each other and our environment through the meeting and mentoring of like-minded people. 

My main focus is in mentoring beekeepers and helping them find their wings in this fascinating hobby. Through my techniques of adaptive teaching, I aims to empower confidence and understanding in the people around me who are willing to give things a go. 

Now, not everyone can/should be a beekeeper and that is completely ok! There are still ways that you can help and I’m here to guide you to an opportunity to be part of the amazing beek (beekeeping) world. I am also interested in using my knowledge and passion for change. We all have the opportunity to be pollinators; of ideas, of processes, and of change. Let’s talk more and see how we can have a positive impact on our future. 

To compliment my mentoring, I also have around 30 honey production hives across the West Gippsland region. These bees are nurtured to produce local honey, with all the amazing health benefits that Raw Honey has… and that list is long! I also have a good selection of quality, affordable beekeeping equipment and products such as protective clothing, Paradise Honey hive equipment, raw honey, unique gifts and artwork…everything you could possibly need to be a beekeeper!

Whilst my little piece of paradise is located in West Gippsland (Victoria, Australia), I find myself travelling long distances locally, so if you happen to be located in other wonderful regions of Gippsland or the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, I am able to help.

I thoroughly enjoy spending time with so many different people who I then have the pleasure of seeing grow with confidence and fascination through the activity of keeping bees. And that’s what has had me hooked from the beginning. 

So ‘come fly with me, enjoy the journey’.

Get in touch with me if there’s anything you’d like to ask – I really do love a good chat and a cuppa!