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Hi everyone,

Some exciting news this week. You may be across the new Hive Buddy platform that is an Australian service connecting beekeepers with online mentorship programs. The cool thing is I’m one of those mentors on the platform.

My program is all about what’s happening in your hive and what should be happening…a nice broad topic designed to respond to the number of variables we can encounter in our beekeeping journey.

And the first session starts soon in time for Spring, runs fortnightly for 3 months, before we start a new part of the season

Here is the link to the Hive Buddy programs page where you can sign up to involved –

I wanted you to be one of the first to know about it so you can get on board before the rush.

Simon and Prashant from the Hive Buddy team are really helpful and have put together this FAQ page if you want to dig a bit deeper –

Take a look and get on board if you want to join me on a fun learning journey. Keen to hear what you think.

Keep in touch, Caroline

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